by Sean Johnson

Fuzzy Brush is a prime example of a small firm on a big growth trajectory.

2020 was an exceptionally difficult year for the majority of businesses, with the British economy suffering an assault that it has not seen since World War II. However, not all firms have been impacted in the same ways and there are some survivors – including Fuzzy Brush.

This was evidenced by significant sales growth of a whopping 27%, despite the difficulties faced due to the pandemic. Fuzzy Brush’s success is down to the uniqueness of its offering and also the fact that it is a ‘stack it high, sell it cheap’ product that is a relative no-brainer for consumers, even when finances are tight.

Fuzzy Brush also invested £200,000 in packaging and production plant towards the end of last year, which is set to boost distribution capacity even further. The new machinery will mean that Fuzzy Brush will be able to double its output during 2021.

Fuzzy Brush has products established in more than 10,000 stores internationally, with another 250,000 in the pipeline in Asia alone. In fact, it is the brand’s increasing presence in international markets that has reduced the potential for damage from exposure to events such as the pandemic.

Fuzzy Brush Achieves Consistent Annual Growth

Fuzzy Brush is a market leader within the confectionary universe, continually investing in research to source and develop new naturally-based products. The brand’s quality control is exceptional which is crucial to its many high-profile clients, (such as Starbucks for example).

One of the best dynamics of Fuzzy Brush from an investor’s point of view is that the brand has a presence in several markets. This essentially means there is plenty of room to expand distribution within each of the sales channels already established.

In terms of how Fuzzy Brush has achieved consistent growth, it is down to the firm’s strategy of simply multiplying existing sales revenues by deepening penetration in markets where the brand has already got its’ foot in the door.

Key Features of an equity investment in Fuzzy Brush:

  • 95% of our investors have stayed with us since their investment program started in 2016.
  • LIQUIDITY – After one month you can sell your shares without any penalty for the price you paid (depending on your chosen interest payments). Allowing for 2 weeks´ notice to arrange paperwork and fund management.
  • Fuzzy Brush manufactures market leading products that have proven to be resilient to COVID-19 disruption, with a wide spread of distribution channels.
  • They have a consistent track record and achieved strong growth year on year.
  • Fuzzy Brush invests in R&D and has a growth strategy that will ensure earnings are realistic and sustainable.
  • Their path is set much along the same lines as larger brands such as ´Smint´ and ´Chupa-Chups´, with turnovers in excess of £500M.
  • Their capital-light, highly scalable business model ensures consistently high sales, with enormous potential to deepen brand penetration across all markets.
  • With their current distribution channels, they are present in approximately 10,000 retail outlets globally, with a network that’s allows for up to 250,000 outlets. This is limited only by their capacity which will increase over the next 10 years – 25 times the size of their business.

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