Elite’s Guide to Whisky Casks

One of the most influential processes that defines the taste of whisky is the type of wood its matured in and the size of the cask. Of course the length of time the whisky matures within the cask for is very important, however the type of cask also plays a crucial factor. This is because the wood of the cask adds the various different complex notes and flavours to the distilleries character, which is already in the new made spirit. Different casks offer different flavours.  

Below is a guide of different sizes and types of whisky casks we often refer to here at Elite.

To put it into perspective within a small cask, the ratio between the whisky to cask wall is higher than in a larger cask. The larger cask has the less contact between the whisky and wood, making the whisky maturation process slower.

Cask size is used as a form of measurement and  also plays an important factor in cask investments as it indicates approximately how many potential bottles each cask can produce.

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